Episode 1

Under the cool Appalachian night sky, she lay her small body back across the equally small hood of her old Beetle. Wind whistled through the reeds and trees strewn about her, haphazardly. Though the scenery, her surroundings, were beautiful, her eyes remained closed as she quickly contemplated through the humdrum hodgepodge of issues and problems that lay in wait back home for her arrival. But it was to no avail. At this one beautiful moment, She and her life existed separately, divided by hundreds of miles, mountains, lakes and roads. An entire map lay between her and all of her now seemingly trivial issues. Perhaps that’s why she had ventured this far out, without rhyme or reason, business or belief. This impromptu trip was brought on not by a want but by a need, a need to escape, to seek the sun anew on a fairer horizon.
High above her head, the Milky Way shone bright, uninhibited by the bright, glaring lights of the city or the elongated dim glare of urban sprawl. She heaved a great sigh and forcefully opened her eyelids, staring at the infinite cosmos. As that sigh turned to a chuckle she hopped off the hood of her car. Every step from the front of her car to the driver side door was an eternity, fraught with questions and hypotheticals.
Everything she knew was south down I 26, her home, her family, her friends, her job, her life. She clicked the button freeing the lock on the old portal and crawled into the familiar space, turning her key in the ignition three times before it finally heaved itself into starting. As the car rumbled it’s complaints of being woken long before its preference, she began to negotiate with the old beast. “Ok, well, what do you want to do?” She monologged telepathically, hoping for a fair negotiation between her and her old friend. “Maybe every straight line is really a fork in the road,” her mind racing as it realized it had to carry this conversation solo, “In which case the choice is to go forward or stop, to continue or to retrace your steps.” Her car shook with approval of her socratic way of thinking. “You’re really going to make me decide?” After a moment she got tired of listening to herself think, hypothesising every possible scenario. She turned the knob on her dash and -  The radio snapped on with a familiar song but before the first chorus finished she changed the station and headed toward the highway. She sped up, a smile growing quickly on her face and turned giddy as her brain tricked itself into turning right onto 26 north. “How much longer will this last?”



Creative Writer: Tiny Rick

Temporary Tattoo Products:

Rose Bouquet

Hair Braiding Study


Kalaki Riot

Permanent Tattoos by: Glenn Collins / Joe Perez

Photo/Videography: Sara Dungo

Muse: Rachel Burnett

Special Thanks to Kyle Kilgo

Welcome to the mind of Sara. Transient Co. is my platform to showcase the creativity in unrefined grace. Design in raw life. Beauty in nature. Without nature, we as a species would be nothing. These tattoos exhibit that we only have a short time on this planet to do everything we want to do. So whilst here, let's make a difference. Please check out this page that brings awareness to those making the greatest of all differences. 

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