❁ Without A Canvas, Art Would Cease To Exist ❁

muse: Jordan Hancock

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I am extremely excited to partner up with Plant-It 2020.

For every product sold at Transient Co., funds will be given to planting an indigenous tree in a non logging zone. 

This non-profit organization has been working hard at performing worldwide tree-planting, donating fuel-efficient cooking stoves to needy families, and providing forestry, soil, and biochar education. Their services not only help reforest the world's cities and forests - they provide direct humanitarian aid by reducing hunger, thirst, malnutrition, poverty and indoor pollution while increasing the sustainability of not only the world's forests but also its people.

I founded Transient Collective as a platform to not only showcase the beauty of art in nature but also to spread awareness toward healing our very own canvas, Earth. 

Now go plant a tree so I don't have to feel so bad about this business... ayy

☕︎ Sara


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