-Handcrafted in the Holy City-

Fine Skin Adornments

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 One Tattoo Plants One Tree

For every product sold at Transient Co., funds will be given to planting an indigenous tree in a non logging zone


Transient Co. is an independent design label, born from bringing together;  skin decor / nature progression / photography / film making / & visual storytelling.

Welcome to the mind of Sara. Transient Co. is my platform to showcase the creativity in unrefined grace. Design in raw life. Beauty in nature. Without nature, we as a species would be nothing. These real temporary tattoos exhibit that we only have a short time on this planet to do everything we want to do. So whilst here, let's make a difference. Please check out this page that brings awareness to those making the greatest of all differences. 

A brief story:
I found a “tiny” home, rather a micro home in the form of an old Ford Van. It started when I began downsizing on many material items in 2015. Reducing one's living requirements can make big waves with a small footprint. And with the lifestyle choice to have my office and living quarters in the size of one parking space, I especially hope to reduce my footprint as well as inspire others to just go for it. Whatever 'it' is. 
My shop was built to support a conscious lifestyle and just by stopping by, you are showing mad love and reinforcing my efforts of spreading this visual voice. One which I hope will bring overall awareness towards the possibility that small living allows self expression, nature conservation, and progression. Join me on this little venture here.


 ☕︎ Sara

Transients don't believe in settling // Our soul is our home so let's decorate <3