1. Decide where to decorate! 

2. Ensure skin is clean, free from makeup and oils 

3. Ideal locations will allow for longer lasting tattoos 

    • areas with little to no hair 
    • minimal creasing or stretching with movement 
    • areas that do not get rubbed against often are great places. 

    4. Remove clear top film and place tattoo on skin with design face down. 

    5. Press tattoo for 60 seconds with a sponge dampened in cold water. All parts of the tattoo should be saturated. Take your time and try to minimize movement. 

    6. Very gently slide the backing paper the tattoo away from skin. 

    7. Pat once last time with wet paper towel then let air dry for another 60 seconds. 

    8. Enjoy your new skin design!

    9. TIPS for a longer lasting tattoo & to remove shine 

    • Wait a couple hours before showering, especially before using hot water 
    • Try to avoid direct spraying water. 
    • Try to avoid lotion and perfumes on the area 
      • The shine layer from the film will naturally disappear after time, normally after a shower. To keep the tattoo design longer apply:
        • Powder concealer
        • Apply this after your shower to lengthen tattoo's life

      10. Tag us in your photos on instagram for a chance to win more decorations to reflect your beautiful soul!! 

      Tattoo paper is non-toxic and safe for skin, but be sensible!! Do not ingest or apply to areas with sensitive skin!



      Use rubbing alcohol or coconut oil as a means for removal.