Small Batch Raw Crystal Stone Jewelry
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Watermelon & Rubellite Tourmaline - Size 5.5

Watermelon & Rubellite Tourmaline - Size 5.5

$ 50.00

Copper Jewelry

Raw copper is a majestic metal, with a history of stimulating & healing properties. It is an excellent conductor of energy, and is said to help magnify any crystal stones’ properties it comes in contact with. Reduction in joint pain and stiffness, improving circulation, and emf protection are some of the known benefits when copper is worn.


All our pieces come with a complentary seal that will wear with time. If you desire to remove this seal sooner and allow for just the raw copper’s presence, simply use acetone to wipe it away. When seal is removed, there is the benefit of being able to wear your jewel two ways; antique or bright copper. If seal is no longer present, simply clean with a mixture of lemon juice and salt if you desire a bright shine. Copper is a live metal & as a protectant from its environment, will patina over time; producing a darker, antique look. This oxidation will react with the skins chemistry causing discoloration for some. This can easily be washed away with soap and water. We hope you enjoy your one of a kind piece!